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Due to a family emergency, we are closed. We will be open for blueberry picking by appointment when the berries are ripe. We anticipate that to be the end of May for about 6 weeks, give or take a week.

I am heartbroken to announce that we got the news that my sweet wife's cancer has returned as a very rare form of breast cancer. We are researching and trying to assemble the best team of Drs from the research and treatment side. 
Wishing you all the best,
Chris Blase

The Blase family welcomes you the Blase Family Farm.  We look forward to your visit to our 13 acre , lush pine property where you can enjoy picking fresh, organically grown blueberries or picking up your fall pumpkin.  

Whether it is family time, a school learning trip, a birthday celebration, or family reunion, our farm offers a beautiful outdoor location to enjoy. We are open seasonably, for blueberry season and for pumpkin season.

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